‘Match  three’ game has never been so fun! A new ultimate arcade experience!

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Get ready for some non-stop action. Matchtron introduces an exciting combination of arcade and puzzle games. Drag the figure across the screen, flip the pieces, match the colors and perform breathtaking combos to get points! Once your stack gets bigger, you will have more opportunities for movement. But keep an eye on the borders and don’t get too huge: beware of the overflow!

Matchtron is easy to play but challenging to master. Its’ gameplay conceals more tactics and subtlety than you could expect at first.

The more you play the tougher you get: level up to increase your score multiplier and get to the top of the global high scores.

Game features:

– Unique visual style brings you back to the arcade machine esthetics
– Amazing EDM soundtrack by Reckoning Storm Audioworks will get more intense in risky situations
– Easy and captivating gameplay: the challenge you got to accept
– You never lose your achievements after game over: your level will only increase during the time
– Flashy visual and sound effects won’t let you get bored

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