Tactical Craft Online

Official site: tacticalcraftonline.com

Tactical Craft Online – a new multiplayer game for all fans of tactical turn-based strategies. If you loved Fallout, Jagged Alliance, X-Com: Enemy Unknown and Laser Squad, then Tactical Craft Online is definitely worth experiencing.

“Once the interdimensional travel device was invented, crowds of travelers & researchers rushed to discover the unknown worlds. This is how Protuguron was revealed: a world, created by extraterrestrial intelligence and populated by hostile creatures. In search of valuable artifacts and glory, desperate bounty hunters have started their journey. But will those who discover the terrible secrets of Protugoron be lucky enough to survive?”

Explore the deadly world of Protugoron. Make your move!

Tactical online multiplayer game with RPG elements. Most modern games limit player’s possibilities.

Tactical Craft Online takes the limits off.

The well-balanced mix of TRPG, TBS & Sandbox genres brings the extraordinary experience for every gamer. A massive fully generated world with different biomes and underworlds to explore.

Every single object in the game can be used as a resource or be destroyed.

Discover the complex set of technologies starting from primitive stone axes & crossbows and developing into high-tech nuclear power plants and plasma-guns.

All man-made objects and structures in the game can be created by players from the natural resources of the game world.Complex crafting system allows you to combine different components to get the objects with desired properties. Artifacts (either found or created) allow you to enhance tools and objects. Acquire the land, build and equip your home, protect it with fences and walls. Use this territory for complex manufacturing with workbenches, furnaces, forges, looms, chemical laboratories and much more. Your home will also be a respawn point of your squad.

No need to be online 24/7: use the special constructions to protect your belongings.

While you are away:

Turrets & traps will repel intruders attacks.

Shops will be selling your products.

Farming will generate resources on your territory.

Raise dangerous animals to protect your house and accompany you while hunting.

Mining, building, crafting, researching are realtime, while battles are turn-based, taking the best from well-known mechanics of Fallout, Jagged Alliance, X-Com and Laser Squad. With this approach a better-pumped squad is not necessarily winning: remember there are tricky moves, limited fields of view, smoke granades, radio-controlled mines, traps…Tactical possibilities are endless!

Gain experience and use stimulators to boost your units’ parameters, but be careful not to overdo. Side effects can cause fractures, poisoning, paranoia mandess or even worse…

The interaction capabilities in the game are endless: watch others mining common resources, building, fighting, gaining territorries or just travelling around in real time just in front of you. Take part or stay beside: it’s your choice!

Join the clans and alliances to build cities together, create complex industrial systems, take part in various military operations.

Are you in search of a global goal? You might be interested in destroying the cities of bots or super-bosses! Global events, such as invasion of monsters and fall of the meteorite won’t let you get bored. Keep an eye on rare artifacts’ appearances: fight for it and get your chance to influence the global balance.

We hope that you join us and get a lot of positive emotions!

See you in Protugoron!



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