Our progress

It’s end of March and A LOT has been done, but still quite a big part is yet to be completed. So, to summarize:
– we’re about 60% through level design and actual gameplay testing

– we’ve completed about 80% of required assets

– we’ve got almost all required sounds in place (and expecting music to come quite shortly)

– from the list of 31 bug we have fixed 14 so far.

– some “cinematics” logic is to be completed.

Stay tuned, we’ll be updating you with more information on our progess:)

And just a couple of pics:

Just because it’s an indie project, it doesn’t mean we do not have Issue tracker, Log and Feature list!




Hurray! We’ve found a chiptune composer!

So, while waiting for him to develop a proper score, I’ve decided to share my own mere exercices in 8 bit music:) as they say, just for lulz.

Again, this will not be used in the final version of the game!