Current state

A couple of days ago I’ve completed quite a big location in Yury. My current “speedrun” takes 6 mins 30 secs which is (according to previous tests) around 40 minutes of gameplay for an average-experienced gamer who plays it first time. Our original idea was to make a 1 hour game, so it seems we are more than half way through:)

However, I still have a bunch of ideas, so maybe it will be a bit longer in the end.

Sound & Music

Making a proper sound for an old-school game is quite an interesting task.

We could actually go with ‘normal’ sounds (i.e. like in ‘Don’t look back’), but decided that we want some true 8bit experience.

An ideal (and free!) software for most game 8-bit sounds you could need is sfxr by DrPetter:

For music I am currently using an online tool called PulseBoy:


Unfortunately I’m not too big on making music and could only compose simple tunes:( I think we’ll ask some outsource chiptune guy to help us with this. Contacts anyone?

Our inspiration

We are totally inspired by the ‘golden age’ platformers and action games.

We’ve got Contra, Super Mario, Metroid, Megaman, Castlevania under our skin. And we love to see new titles which dare to bring simple mechanics and yet hardcore gameplay to the audience.

I am personally a big fan of Terry Cavanagh! Games like VVVVVV and Don’t Look Back inspire me when I create new levels. I also want to bring this feeling you get from N+, Super Crate Box, Super Meat Boy: “Oh hell, man! I was so close! ” so get ready for some real challenge:)

But apart from classics, we are still making sure there is something new and unique🙂 we hope you like surprises.