Always had a bit of an envy for those devs and artists who have their workplace covered with posters and other fan/fun stuff.

Here on the top is my workplace. I use an old lappy which happens to be just about right for Unity to run. Making games is not my primary job, so I didn’t take a chance to create any kind of cozy studio at home.

Nikolay’s place is a bit different, but he wanted it to remain ‘private’, so I only upload this small photo on the bottom lol:)

Current state

A couple of days ago I’ve completed quite a big location in Yury. My current “speedrun” takes 6 mins 30 secs which is (according to previous tests) around 40 minutes of gameplay for an average-experienced gamer who plays it first time. Our original idea was to make a 1 hour game, so it seems we are more than half way through:)

However, I still have a bunch of ideas, so maybe it will be a bit longer in the end.