Yury: Steam version is now out


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Yury is a deliberately retro platform/arcade action game that combines old-school graphics, classic mechanics and challenging gameplay with a sense of sci-fi survival horror atmosphere.
Accompanied by original EDM/chiptune soundtrack, player will control a cosmonaut on a distant and dangerous planet, helping him to avoid intricate traps and get rid of sinister monsters. In-air dodging, fast paced puzzles and intense shooting will keep on the edge of one’s seat.
Who said spikes and lava should bring immediate death? Yury is a fresh look on classics! Yury’s space-suit lets you quickly jump through the hot flow and gives you some time to crawl to the checkpoint after being hit by sharp edges. But keep an eye on the temperature and oxygen level!


  • Nostalgic look
  • Amazing atmospheric soundtrack
  • Challenging platform experience combined with intense shooting
  • A special space suite with oxygen and temperature indicator

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