Too Loud


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Project Description

Too Loud – is a game about choice, and you have to make it in the very beginning.
You wake up to a strange sound, which triggers some weird memories… Would you find out what’s happening or better stay out of trouble? What is the secret of the strange world you are in?
Inspired by early Atari games graphics, mixed with smooth animations and parallax effects, and ‘Another World’ mechanics, Too Loud brings unique dynamics and visual experience.
The game features multiple endings.


Too Loud is an easy to learn platformer in its core. The main flow of the game is all about plot, cut scenes, events, texts. You need to find out what’s happening, motivated by revenge… or fear? The atmosphere would remind a mix of metroidvanias and post-apocalyptic ‘Lisa’ with a flavoer of ‘Another World’ puzzles. The action part is fairly simple as well, however not TOO simple. At some point in the game you will find a single revolver, which you have to reload from time to time, standing. So be smart planning your attacks, as you cannot run away while reloading.
Another fresh feature is ‘follow-the-sound’ mechanics, where you need to choose the loudest part of the scene to find your way out.

Videos and Screenshots

About the Game

Engine: Unity

Platforms: PC & (maybe) Android & OUYA

Release date: Q3 2016

Pricing: classic premium

What’s ready: plot, music, level design, some levels themselves, animations, camera, plenty of assets

About the Team

Cubic Pie is a small team of 3, who developed the game Yury and some other titles. Too Loud is our lessons learned – we carefully worked on feedbacks about controls, graphics and game design.
You can watch us on YouTubeFacebook.
Also drop us a line:


Story-driven indie platformer inspired by Atari esthetics.

The work is in progress, stay tuned.

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